Some awesome stuff here from London based live African band.

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Welcome to Afriquoi! Live African dance music.

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Please feel free to get in touch here or by emailing
[email protected]

If you are a DJ and wanna play our tracks we can send you an mp3….. or you can buy Kudaushe + Fiston ft Serocee at www.afriquoi.com


Featuring a diverse array of hyper-talented musicians from Congo, Gambia, Bostswana and the UK, Afriquoi combine live instruments, electronics and vocal effects to create live African dance music.

Drawing on fresh UK sounds (house, UK funky, dubstep, glitch) alongside traditional African melody and harmony, and a healthy smattering of raggy dancehall vocals, Afriquoi create an atmosphere and a sound world that is all their own.
As well as their spectacular 6-piece live show, Afriquoi are also available for DJ sets and semi-live DJ sets featuring live percussion and MCs.

In addition, they are working hard in the studio with a wide range of musicians including highly rated dancehall/grime MCS Warrior Queen, Serocee and Badness, and hugely respected live musicians and bandleaders Fiston Lusambo (Congo), Kudaushe Matimba (Zimbabwe), Seddik Zebiri (Algeria) and Jallykeba Susso (Gambia).



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