xao neo baile

Last month we presented you the last wild comp release on Mr. Bongo label : Funk Globo: the sound of neo Baile
! Two new videos now are to be added to it.

Indeed the first track Vai Danada by Guto de Almeida feat. Mc Wa and Dj Comrade’s Xão Trap landed on Youtube a few days ago, like cherries on top of a super creamy sweet cake.

The first one will certainly help to work out your Carioca moves, the other one will surely please you as it’s filled with strong references to movies and music videos. Imagine yourself in a mix of Smack My Bitch Up and A Clockwork Orange.

Vai Danada – Guto de Almeida Feat. Mc Wá

Xão Trap – Dj Comrade

We remind you that the whole comp was released on the 24th of June. You can directly access and buy it on Mr. Bongo‘s page HERE !


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