Generation Bass’ favorite uncle David Bowie is back with an all new video for his song Valentine’s Day from his long awaited new album The Next Day (ten years for Christ’s sake).

I’ve heard mixed reviews from the family but this nephew actually enjoyed the album considerably, perhaps I just have too much respect for my elders. Whether or not you like the album one thing must definitely be admitted, you love him. If you don’t then you are either a liar or a liar.

Without further ado here is the man that inspired so many of us, whether it be our hair styles, choices of fashion, songwriting or to get our teeth fixed, through the ages Bowie is to blame for many of our actions (of course that is not true, we ourselves are to blame for everything we do but you get my point).

Oh it’s also nice to see a Steinberger again. I haven’t seen him sport one of those since the Tin Machine days.


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