Often when I have a huge workload on my desk I get distracted by stumbling on or being turned on to something I had no plans of promoting, due of course to the fact that I just barely heard of them, but takes the first spot on my list of work to do.

Thus is the case with Boom One Records‘ artists Semtam and Mannex. The music on this album, which was just released on the 16th of July, is equal both in beauty and incredibility. Optimimists by Choice is the title of this duo’s brilliant album.

The meeting of Semtam and Mannex shows us what  brilliant artists from the Czech Republic and Zimbabwe can do when they do indeed meet. Though this original meeting took place in Prague in the surely cold month of December 2009 when Czech Republic’s Semtam met Zimbabwe’s Mannex. Since then they have graced stages and studios together in both the Czech Republic and in Zimbabwe.

Now they debut their talents on Boom One Records with this honest and powerful album aforementioned, Optimists by Choice. And for you I have a nice sampler here along with a couple music videos sure to pique your interest and perhaps open your wallets. If the wallet opening does occur, visit their official iTunes to purchase the songs you like, but I bet more likely you will purchase the album in its entirety.

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