We’ve been busy here on Generation Bass even in the usual summer Internet doldrums. Keeping on with the new releases in the realm of Zouk Bass but also the Cumbia EP’s are coming in strong, so strong in fact that I’m over-stocked at the moment, which of course is a good thing. This week we saw a new single from the upcoming Cumbia EP by Elegante & La Imperial titled “Azangaro Remakes,” which will be out this Tuesday, so please keep an eye out, though don’t worry much because I will be promoting the hell out of it as I usually do. What can I say? I’m quite proud of how these Cumbia EP’s are turning out.

If you missed the single earlier this week you’re in luck, for I will now repost it here on my beloved Sexy Saturday Cumbia.

El Mulato’s work is always hard for me not to share here on SSC. His productions always interest me. This time he has a super delay dub remix of Cumbia Del Sol where he teamed up with Toty Kumbia Style.

Around 4:20 every day this guy most go insane. My regular artist here on SSC introduced me to The Chromatics with this mashup featuring one of my songs I wrote over two years ago. It turned out to be an interesting meeting.

Real Cumbia Activa brings another visit from our friend 4:20 Music Flavor with his three other partners and their collaboration with a fifth DJ Arturo Hererra.

To further introduce one to R.C.A., here is a short mini-mix of their tracks.

Mini Mix-tape R.C.A. #1 by Realcumbiaactiva on Mixcloud

The Captain is always welcome here on Generation Bass. The master of dope edits and mashups returns with his newest mash of Calle 13 with Jorge Meza.

Our good Argentine freak, Freak Castro, returns to SSC with a groovy tropical remix of the Breach song Jack.

Twice in a day Toty Style is back with a sick little Andres Landero remix.

This next one involves a few different elements other than Cumbia that are more prominent but I couldn’t resist because this original work by Manteka is really dope.

Every time I share a Dash Slktr track on SSC I say that it’s been a while since he’s been on here. I wish to retire saying that by just saying, it’s good to have him back.

DJ Pase delivered the perfect vibe I was looking for when I came across his new track. A Song that takes it easy and takes its time is what we get.

This week I kept the words short and sweet but the music selection is bangin.


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