The promising DJ Werlen delivers a couple of fresh Tecno Melody tracks.

Tecno/Eletro Melody is essentially the same as Tecnobrega except that it uses Electro House style synths.


Also here is another mix by Omulu covering a range of genres including Teecnobrega.

The Pirate Bay:

Major Lazer – Bubble Butt Tremendo no Búfalo do Marajó
Die Antwoord – Dis Iz Why I’m Hot / Gang do Eletro – Arrazadora Sanfona
Gang do Eletro – Arrazadora Sanfona
Elji Beatzkilla – I Go Hard
Diplo – Butters Theme / Elite do Melody – Piranha do Banheiro
Bonde da Tremidinha, Aglison e Dj Luiz – Lailson e Equipe Copo Cheio
Tropkillaz – Gorilla / Marlon Branco – Giradinha do Badala
Gang do Eletro – Galera do Outeiro
Reptilian Commander – Eris
DJ Snake – Bird Machine feat. Alesia / Omulu – Treme Treme
Omulu – Fire Eagle


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