Perhaps the most genius filmmaker of the past thirty-odd years is David Lynch. Many might argue this point but I know many will take the side of the master of metaphor, in-camera visuals and storytelling. But what always stood out to me most when I watched his films was the soundtrack. Always atmospheric, putting me on edge, the music and noises worked perfectly with the dark and sinister world Lynch would bring us into.

To this day I will say that my favorite television character of all time was Agent Cooper from Twin Peaks. By stating this I hope it becomes apparent that I am indeed a huge fan of his work. Speaking of sound though, we have a visual master artist that confused millions of filmgoers who decided to spread out into music production. And when this occurs, the world gets something really special.

Not caring about what is “in” at the moment or even the future moments, people like Lynch always come across as sincere with their art. And this is what one can definitely hear on his new album The Big Dream.

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