sexxxy saturday cumbia ep-3

Art by Tu Guiana

I can’t quite give an honest representation in words how pleased I am with the Cumbia EP series I’m running here on Generation Bass. We’re only two albums in with a third (the next one) sitting patiently on my hard drive, and the diversity and quality of these songs are wonderful. This allows me to explore the different cultures that Cumbia has graced with its presence over the decades. Every geographical place is very different from their neighbor but even more so is the diversity among the artists. This Cumbia EP series allow me to get into and expose the sound of individual artists. Everyone is different and I want to make that fact as apparent as possible with this series.

Last time we visited two young artists in La Paz, Bolivia going under the name Pacena Tropical. Alejandro Cassis and Villa Victoria Sound System. I don’t pay heed of the claims that different nations, especially in the Third World are deprived so much that they’re way behind and unable to be productive with the faster paced and often much lazier First World nations. Pacena Tropical are far more advanced than many others from the more privileged areas of the world. They just work harder and they’re more creative is all, and that I can believe.

This time we go down to Lima, Peru to visit someone who has already become legend in his own right, Elegante & La Imperial. We’re going to go on a dope Digital Cumbia ride with his re-interpretations of songs we know and loved through the ages. It’s called Azangaro Remakes and consists of some really incredible tracks that are also free to download. Any one of these tracks will tear up a dance floor.


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