This incredibly brilliant music video came across my path very recently. It’s from Atropolis’ new album Transitions due out August 13th on Cumba Mela Records. The video is for the track Which Way To Go and features Carol C. on vocals.

Which Way To Go is a really large step forward in Tropical Bass innovation. The Afro-Colombian rhythms stay strong as the driver of the tune but the melodic vocals and harmony created by beautiful synth lines is really something rare and much needed in the Tropical Bass scene.

Transitions showcases the diversity and skill that Atropolis possesses as he flows from song to song featuring some incredible talent, talent including Toronto based MC Boogat, Toronto’s Latin music superstar Lido Pimienta (a video will be coming soon of the song with her), Carol C. as heard below, lends her beautiful vocals, Colombian Darwin Escorcia plays gaita on one track, and to top it off with professionalism and grace is cellist and composer Brent Arnold.

This is an album that will surely be on the top of a lot of our lists for best album of the year 2013. I will provide more content when the release date gets closer. But for now please enjoy the new music video Which Way To Go feat. Carol C.

You might also remember Atropolis’ recent work on Palenque Records with Dutty Artz. Here is one of the dope tracks recorded.

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