This is pretty cool, diggin’ this:

Imagined by 2 South African Electronic Music powerhouses. The amalgamation of sounds is gritty and super layered, with a deeply imaginative take on the multi-genre musical landscape that the South African duo of Dank (Ricky Spanish) and Card on Spokes(Datsun Brown) have both dabbled in and made their lives.”

As much as this is how a bio for this EP should sound… is as much as the SEAFOOD ∆∆∆ EP itself should sound like everything else you’ve heard before.
It sounds like nothing else you’ve heard before.

It is not a bio simply peppered with over used superlatives and metaphors. It is not an EP simply driven by 808’s and tripled hats.

Make up your own bio about this shit. Make up your own mind about how it sounds, and what references it conjures through everything you’ve heard before it. Nothing will be the same after.

Dank and Card on Spokes are SEAFOOD ∆∆∆

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Tip O’ Hat 2 Anna <3

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