The roots of his music go way back to Cumbia deep in his psyche, but his music is far away from the roots sonically, while maintaining the intoxicating and much loved Cumbia rhythms, Dany F takes his Nu Cumbia to all new places. He is known as Deep Cumbia Boy (Dany F DCB) for good reason. His dark underground Tropical music carries his own unique tone and voice not copied by others and not copying others.

He has been on top of my list of favorites since my first moments discovering the phenomena of Cumbia Digital. But he doesn’t just wear the crown in Cumbia he also is a top high quality producer of Champeta. Both his Nu Cumbia and Champeta wonderfully showcase Dany F’s personal Yin and Yang.

His latest EP is once again free to download. Dany F honestly loves sharing his music as much as possible. Infinite/Finite is the aptly title of this new remarkable EP. As usual Dany F allows the music to take its time and flow smoothly. This minimalist approach is effective yet isn’t quite minimalist if one listens closely. There is a lot going on and the compositions are done so well that the over all effect is quite pleasing and quite deep.

Is there “infinite” or “finite” pleasure to be obtained with Infinite/Finite? I guess the answer is up to you the listener and there’s only one way to find out… Download and listen away!

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