Allright I know thursday evening (or friday am or whenever this goes up) greenwich mean time is no longer midweek, well I’m tardy, sorry.  I’m also bummed that I missed seeing Chrissy here in NYC two weeks ago, I was at the ‘Que Bajo’ LAMC show that night.  I met Chrissy who hails from Chicago, in Munich about 3 years ago.  He was playing in Europe and I was playing in Europe but neither of us had gigs in Munich it was like a Monday or Tuesday and we both ended up there to visit the Schlachthof boys.   Shamefully, I hadn’t known who he was before that but I remember he was funny as HELL and the music conversations between him and Bene and Jakob were waaay out of my league, and I know about music.  These three were just all on another level.  Either way I got familiar with Chrissy’s work and he’s out of his mind.  If you aren’t moving to this “We Buy Gold” mix call a doctor…  I’m not even gonna go into describing this, just pump it and move!!

We Buy Gold exclusive mix by Chrissy Murderbot on Mixcloud


Next up here is a fresh mix from London selector huskiii, this mix is really really interesting with a boatload of creative mashups and one thing that I found surprising and refreshing were the some cool forays into Hip Hop all blended with an overall Tropical vibe.  Hats off to the whole Fftang Fftang crew for a job well done!

FFTANG! FFTANG! Mixtape 03 by Huskiii on Mixcloud


Lastly is a mix that I received a few weeks ago from Berliner Jimi Handtrix, I have a homegirl in Berlin who had given me a bunch of dubstep tunes and mixes a few years ago and I remembered seeing a mix from Jimi in there, partly cause he had such a funky name!  Well he sent me this mix made for the Serendubity festival which took place last weekend in Berlin.  This mix is MELLOW, but super heavy and real dope.  I would classify a lot of this stuff as “Rootstep” (see DJ Chicus’ Rootstep mix), and some of it is straight DUB and some chilled out Dubstep.  It’s a real nice mix to kick back, relax and break up a sack, if that’s your type of thing….  MORE FIRE!!!!


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