There’s a new Artist in town and he goes by the name of David Heartbreak.  I can’t believe we have never covered this dude before whilst many of the EDM blogs all around the world have been constantly on his tail from the start, big up to them for unveiling this new precocious talent.  I can’t believe we’ve slept on him for so long.

He is here to do business and has just recently signed to one of the world’s smallest and least well known labels in Dance music, OWSLA headed by a bespectacled dude, Skrillex, who won some awards at the local pub quiz.  We think he won a bag of chips amongst other notable prizes.

All in all this is a pretty damn impressive video and we’re really chuffed to bits that Heartbreak is looking like a million $$$.

The video premiered today on a blog that claimed Paul McCartney was making a Moombahton album hence why they call themselves SPIN and here’s what they had to say about it all:

David Heartbreak’s production is a perfectly muddled swirl of pitch-warped dancehall, mellow moombahton groove, and sparingly used dubstep. The Brooklyn-bred beatsmith’s elastic amalgam also happens to make him an ideal fit for Skrillex’s well-curated OWSLA imprint, whose diverse approach to hard-edged yet accessible electronic music is always leaning toward the future. That’ll be the home for The Foundation, Heartbreak’s 23rd (or so) EP release, though his first for the label. “Acid Youths (Legalize It!!)” is a woozy highlight from the May set featuring Danish producer Simon Sayz and established English toaster Feral is Kinky. The track now gets a perfectly fitting video treatment courtesy of director Ryan Staake, who ratchets up the tension when it becomes clear that a wonderfully debauched party is about to get broken up by a very serious set of SWAT team goons. Stick around for the surprise ending (spoiler alert: the piñata never saw it coming), and also the fine print: OWLSA does not condone “awesome” brought on by substance abuse, “especially in the presence of heavily armed law enforcement officers.”

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