The CLF guys are back with another great new mixtape which premiered for the first time on Okay Africa last week.  It’s another sublime slice of new Electro Chaabi material.

But I can’t agree with the politics behind the mixtape.  I very rarely say overtly Political things on the blog but I feel I need to this time because I don’t agree with the sentiments behind this mixtape albeit I do like the guys who mixed and I luv the music on it.

Here’s what CLF say:

The fifth Electro-Cha3bi mixtape by your friends of Cairo Liberation Front. A celebration of the Morsi downfall. Free download to support the amazing music scene of Egypt!

Egypt at this moment in time has taken a turn for the worst after the promising re-start a year ago. What we have there atm is a Military Coup! A democratically elected Govt. voted in by over 52% of the Egyptian populous via free and fair elections has been forced out by an angry mob which constituted around 17% of the population. Can that ever be right in a democracy?

It certainly doesn’t feel right to me and is quite a dangerous message to send to all democratically elected Governments around the world who are just sitting their and looking on with their double standards.  You could be next, is that what you want?

It is not something I would really like to celebrate and it seems to be actually getting worse with the recent deaths.

So I won’t pass on the CLF message that came with the mixtape but I will post the mixtape instead with my message for Peace.  I also hope that democracy can be restored to Egypt like it had been last year.


1. راحوا الحبايب – احمد عدوية (CLF Edit)
2. Mic Abdo Negar, Elsager, Shamndora and Dj Fifty – Elmsaol
3. Yakol 3la Derso – Hoba Elly
4. حصريا مهرجان دماغى طقت منى – اوكا واورتيجا وحريقه تحميل مباشر
5. Dj Mado, Salsa & 7arfosh – Mahrgan Shofe
6. Dj El Dezel, Kanka & 3mr El Gazar – Bent el 7alal
7. Mic 7albsa, Twzi3 & Sha5bta Lagbta – Sardena
8. مهرجان كلو يخش ينام غناء مروان لبط وخوليو وهوندا توزيع مروان لبط
9. Mic Fifty, Sadat, MC Amin & DJ Amr 7a7a – Es7b Geb Wara
10. تحميل مهرجان متعب و شادية
11. مهرجان معمه
12. Mohamed Saad – Tatah
13. El8% – El Gens El Na3em
14. حبيى يا رقه غندى والسويى توزيع دى جى فيجو
15. مهرجان فرقعة من جوة الصومعة خالد مايكل حوده شقاوة استوديو كاريوكا
16. مافيا الافاتار ونجوم العجمى
17. Yanas – Hatgan
18. Figo – مهرجان مشاكسين
19. Ostaz – El

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