There is a while we don’t post anything from Neo Funk. But isn’t our fault, the scene of neo funk is changing, taking new directins and new artists. If few years ago we knew what is the sound of neo funk, the mix of eletronic music with baile funk influence, now we have a new opnion, and few producers show it:


The last release of Vini, was the Favela 3000. A mix of bass culture, trap music, neo baile, new beats and fresh sound. He is the half part of Blank Krew, and aka Vini Banger.

Mixing others cultures to neo baile, it’s a new sound with the old strucure. The beats and sample of funk still there, but now there is a new bass line. Other elements talk with vocals of bunda.

Even a paulista producer, he is playing with RJ culture as in Santa Tereza (a neightborhood from Rio)

The elements from afro culture is playing – as atabaque – with heavy synths and digital elements. The old tamborzão is now recycled and have a new face.

Leo Justi and Heavy Baile

Leo Justi isn’t a new face, he is our old friend from Heavy Baile. Actually, heavy baile always was a option to neo funk. This heavy beats, with influence of footwork, is our big brother. More is to come from this scene, and more it can grow up!

Favela Trap


Comrade, with Favela Trap album, show the possibilty, other producer liked and favela trap is our young brother. A lot of producer are creating this sound, and it is getting more and more interesting. One new name is Kaio AC, from São Paulo.

But isn’t just him, other know producers too:

and here is the best set of favela trap (from who? the created and unique DJ COMRADE)


Baile Funk + Shazalakaboom

Chernobyl is ahead of time, when the topic is funk. The main producer of neo funk. He started with Comunidade Nin-jitsu, creating a rock band with influence of baile funk. Then, travel around the world sharing his productions, producing to bonde do role and other artists. Now, he is mixing the sonority of balkan with funk

But, this isn’t the first time of balkan in funk, check it:

BaileBrega – Tecnobrega with baile funk?

we send the idea, but should it be possible?

(ok, we understood the parte of neo funk, but how about funk carioca?)

Yes, the funk carioca is here too!
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BONUS!!!! We presents Anitta! The funk is becoming pop music, and this is one of this steps:

Special Bonus:

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