HIS NAME IS JSTJR (Pronounced Gesture) & HE IS BLOWING UP!!!


It seems that in the Dance world, every few months a new dude is blowing up in the underground and over the past few months it’s been this dude.

Ever since we released his & Two Sev’s Zoukology EP only a few months back, which focused on the this new thing based on an old thing, Zouk Bass, from out of nowhere he has just been blowing minds.

He is hungry for success too, very hungry and his hunger reminds of  another Generation Bass star, Heartbreak, who is, incidentally with him in the photo above. Of course sometimes that hunger drives bloggers like me a bit nutz but you have to admire it cause he wants it and no-one is gonna stop him from getting it.  Sometimes that’s how it is in this shitty world but, just like Heartbreak, he can more than live up to it, unlike many others I could mention.

He is trying to be innovative and different too like another Generation Basser’, Munchi, instead of formulaic or a 1 trick pony. He is trying to create new sound combo’s like Twerkaxinha or ZoukTwerk and again I admire and respect that. He has also been open to collaborating with dudes from all over the world and that shows an open-mindedness on his part and that must always be credited and encouraged.

I could say a lot about him but his music says it best, just listen and be blown away cause sooner or later you won’t be able to ignore him.

His name is JSTJR (Pronounced Gesture), ok!!!



As far as Edits are concerned atm and for a long time Neki has been killing it.

Here’s some Zouk Bass hybrids (which some might not consider to be ZB but Neki don’t give a F**k lol), Cumbia and Moombahton:


Zouk or not to Zouk, who really gives a shit when it sounds this good!


Ok he murders this track too with a CumbiaStep make-over, not my preferred kind of Cumbia but it’ll certainly slay the dancefloor

Zouk Bass

Not content with tackling Dillon Francis, he turns his attention to Munchi and rugby tackles him too:

Drum N’ Zouk

Zouk Bass or DnB? what does it matter, it’s Neki, all is forgiven.


Some of the best Moombahton can always be heard coming from this dude. Bangers all of the time!!

Transnational Moombahton

That awesome mixtape again, catch it now, if you missed it before.



Not much is known about this American producer and we love that.  We know that he makes breath-taking music of emotional depth and intellectual immensity as his Knick Knacks & Nebulas EP release on our label has showcased.

Imperfect but beautiful because it could not be beautiful if it was pefect.

We’re very excited about his future.

Here’s what he has said in an interview with Outtaellectuals:

Hey Outtallectual Collective thanks for the kind words. I currently live in San Francisco and pursuing a career as a film composer, sound designer and foley artist. I am also graduating this semester with a degree in Environmental Sustainability and Social Justice. I started teaching myself guitar and piano around the age of 14 and started producing a couple years later. I grew up with both western and eastern roots. The earliest memories of my father playing bluegrass on his banjo, to dancing to Iranian music at gatherings on my mothers side. I have a deep affinity for world music, especially those that can blend cultures together. The key element for me as an artist is to create both a visceral and cerebral connection between you and I, experienced through the music. My goal is for the listener to gain a visual and emotional relationship with the piece that they can cherish.







Brandy & Monica – The Boy Is Mine (Babel-Ish' Ladylicious Mix) [Tarraxinha]


I think I’ve posted this track in every concievable genre known over the years  cause it’s just such a great and enduring track!

Here’s an awesome Tarraxinha edit of it from Dutch dude Babel-Ish!

More about Babel-Ish:

Tevin Antony Babel also known as ‘’Babel-Ish’’ was born on the 6th of June 1992. All the way from Rotterdam, The Netherlands. He always had a close binding with all kinds of music, at the age of 14 his talents slowly began to develop. He started producing music of many genres and got positive feedback everywhere. That feedback motivated him to explore from what he is capable of.

For PROMOS or BOOKINGS contact Babel-Ish at [email protected]






LGBT Rights for Russia Now! part 2


Russia’s official policy and attitude towards lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people has fallen down a slippery slope. Violence and hatred against gay people is embraced and even celebrated. Organisations like Gayrussia.eu – the organisers of the latest ill-fated gay pride parade in Moscow – are stopped in their tracks, harassed by police and opposed by politicians. The Russian propaganda machine is working at full power to spin its public opinion, under close scrutiny of the western world. The Olympics are on their way, but its ideals are nowhere near to be found in this year’s hosting country.

I’ll be posting another whopping 14 cuts right here which you can buy to make the world a better place. I gotta be honest. Chances are, Putin aint gonna lose any sleep over our project, but there has been a massive attention for the problem and that’s a big perk as far as I’m concerned…



[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/107635977″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

“Video recordings of bullying and tortures are freely distributed on the Internet in order to out LGBT teens to their respective schools, parents and friends. Many victims were driven to suicides, the rest are deeply traumatized,” said Spectrum Human Rights Alliance (SHRA), an LGBT rights group that focuses on Eastern Europe.

“These self-proclaimed ‘crime fighters’ perform their actions under the broad day light, often outside and clearly visible to general public that indifferently passes by or even commend them.”

LGBT Rights for Russia Now! part 1


Gay people in Russia are under pressure over their sexual orientation, 20 years after the country decriminalised homosexuality. A bill banning gay “propaganda” among juveniles has raised fears that the community is being scapegoated by populist politicians. Hate crimes against gay people in Russia have made headlines abroad, even if the true scale of the problem is hard to quantify.

Disgusting pieces of video have shown up all across the web, depicting young gay people in Russia getting lured into dates which are really traps. They get beaten, raped and videotaped. Hostility towards gay people has not been helped by the deeply conservative attitudes among the two biggest faith groups, Russian Orthodox Christians and Muslims. No major celebrities or politicians in Russia are openly gay because to “come out” would be tantamount to professional suicide. Of course I’m not claiming that every body in Russia hates gay people, but the good old propaganda machine is spinning like crazy!

All of this just rubbed me the wrong way. Normally i would do a facebook post, ‘like’ the right cause and it would stay at that. This time I was thinking if there was something I could do that would make a more positive impact on the situation. So I contacted my friends in the house and techno scene and asked them if they would be willing to contribute to a compilation. The profit will go to the organisation that has a big job ahead of it, gayrussia.eu and we will also be trying to just get more awareness about the subject, from a music lover’s standpoint.

You know, house and techno started off in the gay disco scene in Chicago and most of the music that I love started and originated there. So why not use the power of the music to counter to violent opinions and reactions to gay people?

So…. This is a benefit compilation by 24 left-field techno and electronic music producers. The music we make, play and love stems from the gay disco and dance clubs from Chicago. It’s power and drive come from the positive vibes and the feeling of love that ooze through in the relentless drum machines and synths. We decided that it was time to speak up. To stand by what we think is right. Freedom to think and act for everyone, across the globe.

Music is entertainment, but if we can harness it’s awesome power to do some good, it’s a double-edged sword. All proceeds from this compilation will be donated to gayrussia.eu to hopefully make their struggle a little easier. We understand we can’t change the world with a couple of tunes, but we’d like to take this opportunity to show our support and raise some awareness about this gross injustice happening in Russia right now. So go to the link below AND START SPENDING YOUR CASHHHH!!!

Uproot Andy : Worldwide Ting Vol. 2


One of the masters of Transnational Bass is back with another masterclass in how to edit tracks in an elite fashion taking in Cumbia, Rai, Calypso, Salsa, Dancehall and the Brazillian Beach dance Ciranda.

Once again, this is superior quality!

Free Download:

The second release from Que Bajo records, Uproot Andy’s Worldwide Ting Vol. 2. picks up where Vol. 1 left off, with 6 more remixes of 6 musical styles from 6 distinct parts of the world!

‘America’ sees the K’naan tune that sampled Ethiopia’s Mulatu Astatke, as well as Astatke’s original both remixed and joined together by a heavy swinging cumbia rhythm. ‘El Forastero’ remixes Galileo’s version of a Colombian salsa classic with the most blazing horns. ‘Bassoue’ is a dancehall and dembow take on a feel good Calypso tune by Les Rapaces from Guadeloupe. ‘Raba Raba’ remixes Algeria’s Khaled aka the King of Raï. ‘Camino a Colombia’ punches up the Mexican sonidero style cumbia of New York based Estrellas de la Kumbia and ‘Bonina’ rounds it out with a remix of the ciranda tune by Brazil’s Siba e A Fuloresta. All with a heavy dose of bass, plenty of dembow, and those Uproot Andy synth melodies.

Indidjinous – Into The Primitive



This one, in particular, caught my attention:

The rest of the EP released on DubKraft Records


“Years of unwanted childhood music lessons led Michael Morel to develop an aversion to common instruments like guitars and pianos. Intrigued by the unusual sounds of the didjeridu, Morel’s true musical ambitions were sparked when he began playing the ancient Australian wind instrument in 1998.

Shortly afterwards, Morel moved from the San Francisco Bay Area to Santa Cruz, California where he developed a healthy obsession with drum n’ bass & jungle. Adopting the alias Indidjinous, he often played didjeridu over live DJ sets using various electric guitar pedals to distort the sound. After graduating college in 2002 he began experimenting with production, incorporating his didjeridu into many tracks. In 2005, having created a considerable number of tunes, he finally took up DJing. Today his performances typically consist of mixing his own tracks with like-minded tunes, though occasionally the didjeridu still makes an appearance.

In 2007 Indidjinous headed off to the East Coast for graduate school where he explored the Dn’B scenes in Washington DC, Baltimore, New York City and Miami. In 2011 he returned to California and he currently lives in San Francisco. The end of 2012 saw the emergence of his own internet radio show “The Other Side” on Jungletrain.net airing every other Wednesday night from 8PM-9:30PM PST. In the summer Indidjinous teaches an electronic music production/didjeridu class to middle school students in San Rafael, CA.

Citing major influences from Technical Itch, Dom & Roland, Konflict, Paradox, Teebee, Hive and Amit, Indidjinous tunes are cinematic, tribal and dark. His sound spans several styles of drum n’ bass including techstep, drumfunk, half-time, experimental, atmospheric & neurofunk. Overtly melodic sounds are almost wholly absent in his productions. Instead he tends toward abstract sci-fi atmospherics, industrial sound effects, and dis-harmonic bass lines.”


Okulus Anomali

Bass, Jazz, Global Electronic Musician / DJ / Writer…