Hi Generation Bass readers, since this is my first post as a regular contributor to the Blog,  there goes the introductions: My name is Filipe Ribeiro and i´m an inhabitant of this land called Portugal. That is all you need to know.

From now on you will have exclusive access to the great spectrum of  Global Bass Music made in Portugal. Well.. not only mainly here , since i live closer to the border with Spain and grew up with their culture (that i like a lot)  you can be sure i will post some fresh sounds from “nuestros hermanos” also,  and all the Portuguese speaking countries.

Yes, guess you can call me the Daniel Haaksman of Generation Bass.

If you remember, a few days ago, Generation Bass post a interview on DJ Marfox. If you read it, now you know that DJ Marfox is performing live with MC Osvaldo from the group Pupilos Do Kuduro (PDK) as happened in Lusotronics . They are 3 young and very talented singers/performers from Lisbon.

This is a short clip of Pupilos do Kuduro performing on DJ Marfox new bootleg with Puto-X ” Laki Laki”   which Generation Bass release exclusive here last week.

And this is a peek on MC Osvaldo performing live with DJ Marfox at Optimus Alive Festival in Portugal on the bandstand supported by Ginga Beat radio show and Red Bull Music Academy.

I first take contact with Pupilos do Kuduro on a TV dance/performance contest years ago. First thought that came to my mind was: ”  This guys are unstoppable.” They do a fusion between contemporary dance and kuduro freestyle with a lot of effort and imagination. I really want to monitor the evolution of this project.”

To be honest, since then, they never stopped. Staring in 2007, working right as performers for Buraka Som Sistema live shows and videos, they flight to other very important collaborations such as Pongolove, Paus, Puto Prata, Dj Mayna & Debora Ghira and many more which gave them  maturity to experience stages all around the world and to think about producing their own music.

This is their most recent 3 tracks pack they release for free ( Manda Vir + Tchilar +  Confusão).  All tracks have a correspondent video-clip which I think  is a very good move on promoting themselves.

Free Download ( Manda Vir + Tchilar + Confusão)

Generation Bass gonna release in premiere their new video ” MANDA VIR” tomorrow!!!  The official release gonna be Sunday, but Saturday you have the opportunity to see it in first hand.  Till there you can download their 3 tracks pack  and watch the other two videos of this release.

Pupilos Do Kuduro – Tchilar (Official Video)

Pupilos Do Kuduro – Confusão (Official Video)

As a studio wizard they chose Andro Carvalho (Conductor) from Buraka Som Sistema,  which manage a way to put all this energy and creativity of this guys in a music form. Tomorrow you gonna know more about the working process and some curiosities inside this crew because we have a special interview with the force of nature that is MC Osvaldo, the frontman of Pupilos Do Kuduro.

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