From Mexico, Maria Y Jose is no stranger to our blog as we’ve given him support for almost 4 years every now and then. This is a great collection of tunes in the ‘ruidosón’ style and they are all for free!

The term ‘ruidosón’ was coined in 2008 by Moisés Horta, bassist of Los Macuanos, while talking on MSN chat with Tony Gallardo of María y José. Ruidosón is made up of two Spanish words: ruido (noise) and són (roots). For Los Macuanos, the sound embodies two musical movements: L.A. noise and traditional regional Mexican music. It truly is a genre that flexes its bicultural muscles. For many ruidosón artists, their feet are grounded in two places: Tijuana and the U.S., making their music even more textured.

(The Rebirth of Tijuana Cool: Ruidosón)

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