Today happens to be one of the hottest days of the year, probably the DECADE in Holland, so no better time to drop some new music by SONIDO DEL PRINCIPE. One of Nueva Cumbia’s originators in 2009 has been in slow mode for the last couple of years, but drops 4 massive cumbia bombs on you right here…

The FREE DOWNLOADABLE EP kicks of with the mean and lean cut “LEALTAD” and urges you to choose your friends wisely over distorted dancehall riddims and growling low end bass with all the classic cumbia percussion elements you were expecting and of course in top notch production technique.

The next cut “CUMBIA DEL FUTURO” blends old school chip tune sounds with traditional cumbia elements. Sampled old computer sounds and live percussion blend perfectly and when the break drops and the female voices of one of cumbia’s most popular samples kick in, they get followed by some lush nintendo melodies that attempt lift off form the earthly realm.

The third cut is by far one of the darkest things SONIDO DEL PRINCIPE has ever dropped on us. Containing elements of POLAR INERTIA’s techno stomper “Black Sun”, SDP adds some serious acid/303 action to it and a break in which the low end voice rumbles and stutters about how he IS a black sun… Moody, evil sounding, trippy and hypnotising.

The last cut is even more out there. With dark demons growling in the back and a deep, heavy and modulating bass line in the front, this is the face of modern, dark, DOOM induced cumbia. A classic kick-off reps SONIDO DEL PRINCIPE over flanged percussion and some synth pulses. When the beat drops it drops hard though! Like an ultra slow Moombahton or Reggaeton beat, this will propel dance floors all over the place. IN the second part of the song there’s some distorted guitars in the mix and the track gets smothered in delay and noise, as if it wants to drag you down to the INFIERNO in the title… Heavy dub duty all over the place!

Its great to hear some solid, heavy cumbia again, so enjoy the heatwave if you are in western Europe and if you are someplace else you are used to the heavy warm heat, so let your BASS WOOFERS cool you off! Also dont forget the other tracks on SONIDO DEL PRINCIPE‘s soundcloud, all FREE DOWNLOADS!

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