The  new generation of African migrants into Europe are absolutely killing it on the Bass vibe as they incorporate the deep knowledge and soul of their motherland with some of the technical production know how of Europe (save for the distorted beats but they’re my favourite part).

I predict that future generations of Super-Producers and SuperStar DJs will come be dominated by producers in Europe with African descent.  There is just something so natural in they the way they produce their riddims and beats.

Here’s another name to watch out for. His tracks are Murda!

He is a French based producer and I’m not sure what his origins are but it sounds like he is from Angola because they luv to distort their shit and of course there’s the Tarraxo tracks, which are a dead-giveaway (but I could be wrong).

These beats are just killa man, a mix of AfroBeat, Afro House and Tarraxo.  Some of the best shit I’ve heard this year alongside your DJ Nigga Fox, Paparazzi and DZC Crew.

These are some of the sounds of the future in dance music (loads more on his page but here’s a few).  The bridge between African dancefloors and European dancefloors is “almost” complete with this. You could imagine hearing this in a Techno or Minimal night in Berlin without anybody raising an eyebrow and of course deep in Angola!

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