Leo, Elísio and Osvaldo are Pupilos Do Kuduro (PDK). 3 performer/singers  from Portugal with roots in Angola and Guinea that we introduced here. Exclusively at Generation Bass we have now the video of  Manda Vir made by Afro Digital.

The track is really impressive. The Kuduro beats are now dressed with  minimal Dubstep clothes. Also, say hola to my Techno shoes. If at the beginning it sends you to Brazil with melodies that reminds some tropicalism of Bonde Do Rolê, it suddenly puts you on the  heart of Kuduro made in Europe. An explosive combination of the best parts of Dubstep/UK Bass  based in Techno and Garage (this time made by the Australian unsoundbwoy) and aplies the hypnotic Kuduro rhythm which only some of the most creative and relevant underground producers like Finicox of CDM (Casa Da Mãe) have. Now think about all this sprinkled by the studio wizard Andro Carvalho (Conductor/Buraka Som Sistema).

Know more about them and the track in the words of  MC Osvaldo Performer, Singer, Writer.

PDK – Manda Vir


The pick is random. We know a lot of  great producers here in Lisbon too. Some very talented boys that work with not so many good conditions to produce. We go to their homes, listen instrumentals and in studio the producer Andro Carvalho gives the strength that the instrumental needs.

This specific track Manda Vir was made  by unsoundboy, an Australian Dubstep/Jungle/Bass producer and Dj Finicox, without forgetting of course Contuctor, in studio.

Kuduro Underground, Break dance, Andamento Ndomboló are the main inspirations. We also adapt other styles of dance to our performances.

More than positive. Our music style already make people dance and with the energy that we transmit to the public is impossible to not be in communion with us.

First i need to talk about DJ Marfox, he is a veteran of the style, always faithful. Is one of the main boosters of the scene with Buraka Som Sistema. But we also have to say that we love 2 great Kuduristas from Angola: Puto Prata e Bruno M. Other great admiration that we have are 2 girls that dance with us in PDK,  Natália Rodrigues e Janete António.


The theme. Then we try instrumentals that resembles the theme. We always chose chorus to start. When chorus is done, then we jump to to other parts of the music. Im a writer, i write to some artists on our circle like Pongolove and Puto Prata, and some other artists which i can´t mention, so that is our process.

3 tracks (Manda Vir + Tchilar + Confusão)





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