Great mixtape idea here full of some wonderful sounds and political commentary and just enabled for download exclusively to Generation Bass.

In the light of the recent political events that have been going on in Turkey, they’ve produced a mixtape containing oriental sounds merged with hiphop beats and voice over commentary from foreign news sources and they have used tracks from up and coming underground turkish beatmakers.

Awesome shizzle.

A political and cultural revolution has began in Turkey, spreading ideas of brotherhood and unity among us. We are now connected with our songs and stories. And no matter what may come that is something that can never be taken back.

Everywhere is taksim, resistance everywhere!


Ventochild – Say Hello
DJ Mahmut the 1st – Karaköy
Negative Music – Orhan Baba Mix
İkitusBeatz – OneGun
Da Poet – Other Side ft. İnce Şarj
Da Poet – Garip
Gözel Radyo – Anadolu Mantarları
Dakii – Arabique Swag
Dakii – Serseri
Sami Baha – Kontrgerilla Dansı
Anadolu Funky – Nazar
MGeyik – Yaevdeyoksan
El Mahdy Jr. – Mehtaab
Şambaba – Müzeyyen Senar Dub
Herif – Dastgah
Kamufle Instrumental – Aman Giye Giye Eskitmişsin Alları
Kain Soul – Neşet Ertaş Cover
Mezar Turizm – Hilafet Devleti Part 2
Negative Music – Almancı Aksanı
Grup Ses Beats – Atardamar Operasyonu (DS2 Edit)
Vinyl Obscura – Dünya Kötülerin Dünyası Evlat
Da Poet – Bonus Instrumental 4

News clips from; CNN, BBC, RT, Euronews, Huffington Post

Thanks to everyone listed above for creating such wonderful and inspirational music .

Mixed and Produced by Alican Aktürk and Zeynep Us. İstanbul 2013.

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