Generation Bass has been supporting Moombahton since its inception and we haven’t stopped but we’ve always been over-looked in its history pages.  Saying that, in the early days, even Nibootoo made sure we got a solid and pivotal look in when he created the very first Moombahton Wikipedia page, which has now sadly gone awry.

6 official EP’s have been released and now we’re on our 9th Free Ep. This free series will culminate in a compilation in a few months time and we’ll tell you more about that soon.

In addition we’ve coined “Transnational Moombahton” that has taken a life of its own lately. We created the Moombahluv 3 volume series, which went down a storm.  We also created and kick-started the New Wave of Moombahton compilations, which opened up the doors to new and upcoming Moombahton producers to share some of the limelight alongside the more established names.  We introduced other quirky stuff too like Gabbahton!

Add to that Heartbreak and Munchi who started much off their Moombahton careers on these now hallowed pages.  We were the first to break Moombahton anthems like “Firepower” and “King Kong” as well as most of those early and classic H & M Ep’s and the first “Summer of Moombahton” & “Verano Del Moombahton” compilations by Munchi.

We also created the Moombahton and Moombahcore Group which is now 4000 people strong albeit, we left it a while ago.  They’re still arguing about the same damn things in there, is Moombahton dead, what is true Moombahton, to dem bow or to not to dem bow, etc etc, funny stuff still to this very day.

In fact we played a central role in building up Moombahton from the underground in its first year before the commercial people latched on to it after Diplo, Dillon and Mad Decent took the mantle and helped to bring it to a much wider audience.  We did this in spite of the wide ranging criticisms levelled against us for championing this “slowed down house” and predominantly “edits based” genre in the early days.

We’re still supporting it “in our own little peculiar way” and will contnue to do so as long as we find it interesting.

This bring us now to our present release which is a hot Latino banger by a Portugese dude who has been part of Moombahton history from the very start.

A new assault in the ongoing battles to break Moombahton to a wider audience is the free series we will be presenting on the Generation Bass platform. This series will be free. Free as in sharing, not as in beer. Free as in inspiration and giving young and hardworking artists that need to be heard a voice.

We keep your woofers banging steady with this one. Puga, does that name ring a bell for ya? Think harder! Moombahton’s pioneer and inventor Dave Nada actually made an edit of this guy’s track “Sabina (Four Four Remix)” for his groundbreaking Rum & Coke EP! Yeah, do you remember now? This dude is already embedded in Moombahton history and is now expanding with help of the Generation Bass massive!

Puga is all the way from Ferreira do Zêzere, smack in the middle of Portugal. This quote pretty much says everything you need to know about someone who REALLY loves music: “Dad brought a Satellite TV home… Couldn´t understand what people were saying on any channel, soI started to watch music channels. The satellite had some new channels… Became fan of breakbeat, house and hip hop. Started to love Fatboy Slim, Chemical Brothers, Prodigy. Couldn´t get enough of music. Then found a CD in a Cereal box with Ejay and started to make beats. Some drums with no bass… WTF!? didn´t know a thing about production, only that I love doing beats…”

Now translate that to Moombahton. This is head first, rump shaking production at its very best. Aimed at the dance floor, and with a naiveté that gives it a freshness we have not heard before since we hooked up with Munchi!

Art : Steve Ohh

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