Feels good to be posting some Cumbia again and it’s all down to that dude SDP.   Most of my renewed interest in Nueva Cumbia in 2009 came after I came across some awesome SDP stuff and I can never get enough of his vibes.

The fact that I re-upped my 2009 “Stoned Cumbia” mix to soundcloud recently, which was modelled exclusively on SDP material, is winning a new generation of fans and reminding the older ones of how great his stuff is, is a testament to how forward thinking his productions really were at the time.  They still sound fresh and futuristic 4 years down the line.

This is Argetina’s answer to SDP, his sound is pretty much modelled on SDP and it’s great that a Dutch (SDP) guy who was influenced by Cumbia from Colombia, Mexico and Argentina is able to send that influence directly back to Argentina via this dude.

This is a cool track man with trademark SDP overtones:

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