The time : 1982

The place : the Sol Y Sombra…a heaving sweaty basement Colombian nightclub in London’s busy West End

The DJ : Hector Heathcote

When those original classic Discos Fuentes Cumbia rhythms first cursed through my veins I could never have dreamed of the massive influence Cumbia rhythms would have on the world of dance music and in particular club music. In my fortnightly column I will highlight some of the best and show the diversity and innovative energy of this truly global brand. Big respect to UMB  and all Generation Bass fam.

First up is a remix of an @cocotaxi tune from Copenhagen Cumbia crew Copia Doble Systema. Cool marimba vibes..

I really like  what the Pa Changas Collective do and this Agustin Sound System joint with its bubbling acidic groove is no exception.

…and talking  of Agustin Sound System it would be rude not to mention this  mixtape…the lastest episode in the excellent Yo me llamo cumbia series…

Big thanks to Victor for this…an essential Atropolis remix of Ondatropica’s “El Caiman Gallinazo”. Accordions!

Fans of this page will be familiar with the Peronists quirky, playful take on the Cumbia vibe and as these two offerings will show, they still got game (no puNintended!)


From a U.K. perspective Cumbia’s fate has always been in the hands of a few diehard cumbianistas and no-one epitomises this more than Russ Jones as his weekly jam on Solar Radio and his regular London gigs will testify. Big respect Russ!  Check him out HERE.  Here’s a mashup I did of one of Russ’s big tunes..

los chicharrons – ma do nar (captain planet… by soulanddance

Last but by no means least a prolific and innovative producer from Mexico. Yelram Selectah’s latest guitar boogie Cumbia joint kills it! a chicha-tastic Los Mirlos-sampling delight.

More soon amigos.


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