Ok, here’s a great Electro Chaabi mix by DJ Mundi.

Great info here too from him:

Featuring tracks by – Figo, Amr Haha, Sadat, Fifty, Felo, Tito, ElAlamy, Wezza, Okka, Ortega, Diesel, 2o2la, Islam Chipsy, Mustafa digwi, Dj Adora, Dj Shehta, Dj Mado, Hoba, Abdo, El Zngery, Ghazala, Ageb, Balha, Dj Romeo, Dj Kimnana, Dj Sardena, Rasm and more.. Special thanks to Dj Adora and Cairo Liberation Front.

In arabic ‘al shaab’ means ‘the people’ and shaabi translates to folk or popular music. The term has been used for decades but, in recent years a new generation of producers, rappers and singers have revolutionized the style.. With a few exceptions, the producers and vocalists in this mix range in age from late teens to mid twenties and you can hear all the various influences they’ve incorporated into their sound.. On the one hand there are the samples of traditional egyptian instruments, the hypnotic rhythms of the religious festivals and wedding parties (mulids and mahraganat) and the songs of lament (mawal). On the other hand, the influence of global dance music from hip-hop to reggaeton to electro pop and house music are all present although in this mix i chose to focus on tracks that have a predominantly egyptian flavor.. For the most part, these songs are self produced in tiny back room studios with cracked music software programs and after years of development, these guys are finally starting to get their due.. For more on the music, culture and artists check these links and enjoy the music!..

Electro Shaabi the documentary. coming soon..

Jadaliyya is a great source of news and views from the mid-east in general. They always provide more context than you’ll find in any other english publication..

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