After my mega-post last week, here a quick post to bring a brilliant EP under your attention.

Yesterday, I found this in my facebook inbox and the first seconds were enough to drive me wildly enthusiastic. I typed back – and must have shouted aloud through the house – “wow, gabber-3ball, bro that’s sick.” Edgar (DJ-Broken record) knows what sort of stuff I dig. And that is the fusion of thei weirdest combinations of music genres. This one is such, combining the tropical rhytms of 3ball, zouk and cumbia with the dark, industrialistic sound of hardcore/gabber. That’s the amazing thing about global bass, the creativity is endless.

Back in the days, Generation Bass has interviewed and supported the Mexican dj-producer La Muerta, one of the first people ever to mix hardcore with reggaeton and cumbia and called gabbahton. Unfortunately, his soundcloud is now inactive and I don’t know why…

And of course Munchi has always pushed the harder side of global bass, like in this epic set he did for Thunderdome Radio.

DJ Broken Record, a global bass dj-producer from Santa Rosa, who earlier moombahfied and experimented with the combination of hardcore and cumbia, now has a whole fresh EP, exploring the harder side of bass. Esto es Hardcore !

This gives me also the opportunity to share some tracks from Morrison, who has also always shown love for the fusion of global bass with the harder styles.

Morrison presents: LEGGO, trapstyle with a Morrison-twist !

And, in case you haven’t heard this one yet, the remix of Kanye West’s New Slaves he did a while ago is one of the most brutal sounding trap-tunes I’ve ever heard.


And last, but of course not least, this raw-hardstyle inspired moombahton banger from the New-York based duo NoiseTwins.

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