Mayur came to the UK from India a few weeks back and he came round to mine, as he always does with our other sidekick Pritesh, and showed me this video that they had created and my jaw just hit the floor.

Just check this out, one of the most original things I’ve ever seen, just wonderful!

Bandish Projekt is pleased to announce the release of ALCHEMY, their first single from the forthcoming album Connekt.

‘Alchemy’ is the new release from Indian electronic artists Bandish Projekt, based around a collaboration with Uk Spoken word artist Last Mango in Paris, initially commissioned by the South Bank Centre’s Alchemy festival in 2010.

Alchemy is a celebration of modern day India; Narvekar’s production combines a traditional Indian aesthetic with an electronic undercurrent and vocals from UK’s Hannah Brine. The track provides a foundation for a poem which evokes a contemporary subcontinent, where tradition is remixed by a generation hungry for change.

Artist – Bandish Projekt
Track – Alchemy
Composed,Produced and Mixed by – Mayur Narvekar
Lyrics/Poetry – Shane Solanki ( Last Mango in Paris)
Additional Vocals – Hannah Brine
Madhukar Dhumal – Shenai
Mastered – Metropolis Studios (UK)

Bandish Projekt


Bheja Fry Records


Video Directed by – Ekabhuya


Down with dog position, locusts, cobra and standing tree.
I am the motherland expanding pregnancy unplanned in the
21st century.

More than our people, our culture, our country

Raag main Taal, rhythm and melody…
Conceived when Shiva breathe the kiss which died on the
lips of his bride Paravati.

Desi, Gora, Kaala
I’m every grain of rice in your basmati
Every spice in your Garam Masala.

I’m the turmeric stains on your Grandmothers hands.
I’m “Enna meena dika, die, dominica,
Red teeka flames on the pineal glands.

I’m the maala beads, slipping through her fingers like
Display seeds of sand through an hour glass.

I’m the jigsaw made by the shattered fragments of the past,
Pieced together in a way that works for us.

A billion strong and uprising and its

The interwoven chorus of Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Marathi,
Hindi, Kashmiri, Malayalam, Nepali, Punjabi, Sindhi, Telugu, Tamil,
Urdu….. Ginger, Chilli and garlic.
Brahmin, Kshatriya, Dalit.. Touch me
For I’m no longer untouchable.

Capable, practically inescapable, no longer unaccountable,
I am your accountant, I program your I.T.

I’m the chai, latte, ice tea… dat’d chaiwalla stares at the moongfali…
He sighs.. On the rise of the middle class whispering their upwardly

Thank GOD Almighty
I am FREE at last.

I sing “Tumhi ho mata HINDUSTAN”
As I smoke beedi’s, chew Paan n watch Bollywood
DVD’s starring Akshay Kumar and Shahrukh Khan.

Remixing Pranayama by whispering my Mantra—
“I AM A DISCO DANCER” under my breath.

Profound, Primitive, Superstitious
Spread from Canada to Australia, Trinidad to Mauritius…
I will always be INDIA.

The impoverished child that bangs the window of your ambassador car.
The old man who instead of clapping his hands… simply says

I Am Sarasvati whose “Veena” was later remixed into the shape
Of a “Sitar”.
Just like “OM mane padme Hum….of the table drum became the
“Ta teri kit… two turn tables and a mixer.

I Am the Rickshawalla
I have the white tiger, a survivor rising up in a drive to progress.

I am the distressed heart of Delhi, Calcutta’s cloaked street,
Bombay’s blocked arteries and an accumulation of stress… yes!!!

In the land of Ustad AliAkbar Khan and kaun banega crorepati,
Krishnamurthy, Vivekananda , Tagore and Aurandathi, and
Pop bellied elephant headed superhero .Ganpati.


I am the monk’s saffron ropes, I am the scent of the
Cinnamon, cardamom, clove.
I am the air thick with the rain and the funk of the monsoon.
I am the sliver of moon that SHIVA wears for hairclip.

I am he unsanctioned love-marriage between Bharatnatyam and back flip.

Converse trainers under kurta pyjama and salwar kameej.
I’m the thunder of the storms on the horizon weeping the
Solidified tears of Rudraksha beads.



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