Capa Blaya

Blaya reunite the Army of  Bass for this release. Klipar, Bizt, Dj Comrade, King Kong and Zak-Matic are the troops that gives skeleton to this musical body. None of them are new to the Generation Bass readers. The EP is complete with remixes by Riot (Buraka Som Sistema) and Pacheco.

Between tours and studios, Blaya, the performer/singer of Buraka Som Sistema find time to record her new EP “Superfresh“. The work is full of R&B, Hip-Hop and exotic UK Bass. In some tracks she invites Regula and Agir  for the lyrics, two great writers which Blaya knows very well. They find the perfect balance between the provocative and more fond side of the artist. The EP was released free in Optimus Discos.

The challenge had already been done a couple of years ago with Branko and  Henrique Amaro (Antena 3 radio show)  asking Blaya for a solo work. So the time is now and be ready for some desirable fresh and sexy beats.

Listen & Download Free here.

Dj Comrade don’t need  introductions. He is one of the reason why Neo Baile is one of the most interesting movements in the present of electronic music. In Superfresh, the single , he explores the mix between Baile Funk and Trap which gives the perfect ground for Blaya (born Brazilian) voice.

King Kong signs two tracks of the EP,  Eu Quero Mais and G.O.D. Its almost perfection, Blaya voice, languid and introspective, exudes sultry and sweet flavors in the R&B and Hip Hop waves of King Kong.

Klipar, 1 half of Zombies for Money send us right to the center of UK Bass sounds with roots in Antilles in Lip Trip. Is really amazing how Uk Funky can find so explicit Dancehall and Dub textures in this track. Blaya voice in this one is awesome and you will find the full potential in the chorus.

Bizt put hands on the superb Girlz. The perfect track before you go to the party. Is an anthem to the girls as the lyrics shows it. Bizt is well known as the bass beast and you can test it in this track. His groove will make you dance till you sweat all your ass.

Is not the first time that Zak-Matic and Blaya work together and in my opinion the collaborations are getting better and better. Fatela  track proves it. Pure club BANGER.

Don’t forget to check the remixes by Riot and Pacheco.

Keep with Blaya and be careful with high temperatures this summer.

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