We’ve been bringing Cumbia to you now for over 4 years and not a week has passed by without us posting some Cumbia. We also started the Sexxy Saturday Cumbia series back in 2009 too and I was at the helm for the first 2 years after creating it.  It has changed hands throughout the years, as is always the case with blog features. Now we have Victor E and Bass Hector being its current authors and they’re both doing a blinding job.

We shall continue, as we always do, drama and everything else aside, because what matters most is the music.

I gotta say I have never heard of this Artist before but I am blown away with this release, it’s really fresh and different and it’s from The Netherlands. Maybe some of the best Nu Cumbia from the Netherlands after Dick El Demasiado and SDP.

This is the kinda Nu Cumbia a lot of us have been waiting for,  sonically very dubby & cinematic, evoking a tropical jungle and is full of amazingly well crafted tracks!  An EP to rival the greatness of stuff that labels like Bersa Discos and ZZK have put out in recent years.

Umoja, the quintessential sunshine duo from wet fields of the Netherlands, returns with a deep, dark and dubby rendition. As a follow up to the 70’s west African Funk and Afrobeat influenced Je-Ka-Lo!, Vuelo Nocturno sets out to be a reassuring statement of the duo’s production wizardry. With this record, the duo have managed to synthesis Cumbia and Afrocentric music traditions into a cohesive body of work.


all tracks produced & mixed by UMOJA
Mastering: B.Eyele at the Pigeon Hole
Artwork: UMOJA
Label: INI Movement
Catalog: INI011




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