So where is this new thing based on an old thing headed to at the moment.

Well, here’s a selection of Zouk Bass and Zouk Bass inspired tracks that came out recently:


This just dropped so I thought I’d update this post:


Another update and a killer, killer track:

Pa Kongal

First one is from Mexico and I’m loving the tropical vibes on this, great stuff:

You can also grab a whole Ep which includes Cumbia and other stuff from his label:


Next up we have great Techno inspired track from Portugal, cool shit.

Casey Van Buren

This one dropped today and I find this a pretty progressive and interesting Zouk Bass inspired track. Funny that he also used the image designed for me by Steve Ohh.

Steve TellcO

This one has been out a while but we never got around to blogging it. Harking to Fela Kutiesque vybz.

Chuck Upbeat

Russian producer Chuck with his new one. Maybe a Zoukey Major Lazer!

Sauvage FM

You can grab a free album from these Frenchies containing a couple of Zouk Bass inspired tracks. Feeling the Voodoo Zouk one and the Steel drums one:


From the USA with a stripped down edit of the now classic Los Rakas tune:


Obviously you know all about this compilation but it’s worth posting again, loads of good zoukyness on this:

So where’s it all heading?

Overall not an overwhelmingly “mind-blowing” collection of Zouk Bass tracks in this post but it’s pretty good stuff at this early stage of its development, which is still very encouraging.  I’m sure more golden nuggets will soon be on the horizon or are brewing as I speak, I know it.

Artwork by : Steve Ohh

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