This superb free Zouk Bass EP from DJ Superstereo was only free for a limited time and now it is no more and so you must buy it!

DJ Superstereo aka Laskai Viktor is a producer from Hungary and he’s been immersed in a lot of Balkan vibes since we got to know about him a few years back. He is a versatile producer and can turn his hand to most genres and execute them with some precision and flair.

His foray into Zouk Bass came very early in March of 2013, around 1 month after the words “Zouk Bass” entered our stream of consciousness (after the now infamous Buraka Som Sistema Boiler Room Sessions in February 2013).

His first ZB track was one called “Zouk Brass” where he cleverly fused the ZB riddims with some Balkan spices.

A few weeks later he followed this up with one of the first and still best ZB edits in the scene thus far, this one below:

His third ZB track was this one:

So after 3 blindin’ ZB tracks, Superstereo had earned his stripes and was requested to put together an EP for us and this is what he has come up with, The Jing Jang EP.

2 shades of Zouk Bass, Dark & Sunny.

The Dark side of the Zouk is a track that soaks in deep, atmospheric and cinematic vibes. The flute is the main lead in this movie backed up with superb tribal percussion.

The Sunny side of the Zouk is the first ZB “Surf” track. Superstereo conjures up the theatrics of a Tarantino movie with the surf guitar and it is like a track you never heard before in this style.

This is a quality EP and althought it strays away from the traditions of Tarraxinha in some aspects, what it brings to the table can only be considered as healthy for the scene and showcases its diverse and adaptable nature.

Get to know Superstereo:


Artwork: by Steve Ohh


SuperStereo has started his musician career at age 10 with the love of rap music and with drumming in the outbuilding. The drumming is still big part of his life, he can play all the percussions, actually he is the drummer of the Péterfy Bori & Love Band in Hungary.

To start his dj career (in 2008) he was inspired by traditional folk and gypsy music and by the impression of the country life. His specialty that he combined this traditional sounding with the modern dance music -exspecially with house elements- creating by this an especial tone in the club- life.

Many foreign dj inquired about his works, inter alia: Dj Click, Shazalakazoo, Dj Gaetano Fabri, Dj Tagada etc. He made official remix for the Péterfy Bori and Love Band’s song: Téged nem, furthermore the request of Dj Tagada he made a remix for Khelpie E Cheasa by Boban and Marko Markovic. His remixes are essential components of the european balkan parties.


Album Title JING JANG
Release Date21.08.2013
Description EP
Tracklist1.Dark Side of the Zouk
2.Sunny Side of the Zouk
Download storesJuno
Streaming servicesSpotify

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