Alongside people like DJ Superstereo, Hataah and Kovary, here is a new producer from Hungary set to make his mark in the Bass scene, 17 year old B:Azta aka Tenk Lorinc.

He started producing about 3 years ago at the age of 14 and he mainly makes Dubstep and other subgenres of it but he likes all kinds of music.

This EP was a bit of an experimentiation for him as he extends his production ambit into the areas of Moombahton and Trap using Arabic melodies!

We love to suport the young dudes who we feel have a great deal of future potential and we believe B:Azta is one of them!

Over the two tracks he experiments with Transnational Moombahton and Trap/Bass and both lean towards Middle Eastern sounds, which many know are some of my most favourite sounds in the world.

This is just a taster as to what is to come and so you need to keep your eye on this dude.

A remix comes from Hataah.

Hataah is one of the leading Super Producers of the Hungarian New Wave of Bass. Having established a foothold within the New Wave of Moombahton, he has also made inroads into Zouk Bass and other forms of Bass Music.

His trademark sound is in the Percs, he has a wild imagination when it comes to the Percs as is demonstrated on this MONSTER remix he has done. This is a High-Octane Percussive Driven Arabian monster of a remix to compliment the existing original productions.

You can grab all 3 tracks for free:

Follow both producers here:

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