So before I go into my whole spiel about “What the F is a ‘Zouk Bass’ and why I personally still love Moombahton” lets get this one out there.  This is one of the grooviest freshest sessions I have heard in a minute, DJ YourMoms goes in with a bunch of Nu Disco, Funky House, Future Bass, Tropical and Trap.  It’s a great mix especially the first 30 minutes, one of the most BOPPING sessions I have heard in a long time.  So thats Your Moms doing the dishes, holla!

Okay my SPIEL starts here, I tend to hear a lot of DJs I talk to nowadays murmuring that they are done with Moombahton, especially from friends in Europe.  With the rise of Trap and Zouk Bass perhaps fewer producers are focusing on Moombahton riddims, but Moombah still hits at many spots in the USA and I am sure people in Latin America are still checking for it.  In this short live session DJ Reck gives us a nice little spectrum of whats currently poppin for Moombahtonistas and toward the end he masterfully weaves in a quick nod to the the true roots of Moombahton which is classic Reggaeton.  Warm up some empanadas and enjoy.

So that brings up finally to the part where I get to say my piece about the new phenomena which people are calling ‘Zouk Bass’.   Some people say when you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all, so at the beginning I didn’t say anything.  For me as a DJ and a music lover I like to interact with music on a personal level but also in the public sphere… more specifically, I mean the dancefloor.  When a song works on the dancefloor it gives it true credibility.   As a DJ I believe one of the most important skills to develop is personal judgement, specifically the ability to hear a track and judge for yourself whether or not you think that track will work on the dancefloor for your crowd.  In this age of digital downloads and blogs, people seem now to rely so much on hype and so little on their own personal judgement.  I have yet ever in my life to see Zouk Bass played by a DJ or performed live in person.  That dosen’t mean I don’t think it could, but certainly for the first few months when I first heard Zouk Bass I couldn’t picture it working.   I am starting to come around.  I have listened to this mix from Madrid based Silly tang a few times and I’m finally starting to get it.  Who knows, maybe it’s just because I don’t smoke weed anymore.  Well this is a cool mix of Zouk Bass sounds.  Congratulations internets you win again.

If anyone out there is in Paris on Friday (23.8) catch me playing with Big Dope P and the Moveltraxx fam at Chez Moune this Friday and this Sunday (25.8) with Club Popozuda at Bedroom Bar in London.  SPOT-ON guvnah!





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