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The rest of the EP released on DubKraft Records


“Years of unwanted childhood music lessons led Michael Morel to develop an aversion to common instruments like guitars and pianos. Intrigued by the unusual sounds of the didjeridu, Morel’s true musical ambitions were sparked when he began playing the ancient Australian wind instrument in 1998.

Shortly afterwards, Morel moved from the San Francisco Bay Area to Santa Cruz, California where he developed a healthy obsession with drum n’ bass & jungle. Adopting the alias Indidjinous, he often played didjeridu over live DJ sets using various electric guitar pedals to distort the sound. After graduating college in 2002 he began experimenting with production, incorporating his didjeridu into many tracks. In 2005, having created a considerable number of tunes, he finally took up DJing. Today his performances typically consist of mixing his own tracks with like-minded tunes, though occasionally the didjeridu still makes an appearance.

In 2007 Indidjinous headed off to the East Coast for graduate school where he explored the Dn’B scenes in Washington DC, Baltimore, New York City and Miami. In 2011 he returned to California and he currently lives in San Francisco. The end of 2012 saw the emergence of his own internet radio show “The Other Side” on Jungletrain.net airing every other Wednesday night from 8PM-9:30PM PST. In the summer Indidjinous teaches an electronic music production/didjeridu class to middle school students in San Rafael, CA.

Citing major influences from Technical Itch, Dom & Roland, Konflict, Paradox, Teebee, Hive and Amit, Indidjinous tunes are cinematic, tribal and dark. His sound spans several styles of drum n’ bass including techstep, drumfunk, half-time, experimental, atmospheric & neurofunk. Overtly melodic sounds are almost wholly absent in his productions. Instead he tends toward abstract sci-fi atmospherics, industrial sound effects, and dis-harmonic bass lines.”


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