Gay people in Russia are under pressure over their sexual orientation, 20 years after the country decriminalised homosexuality. A bill banning gay “propaganda” among juveniles has raised fears that the community is being scapegoated by populist politicians. Hate crimes against gay people in Russia have made headlines abroad, even if the true scale of the problem is hard to quantify.

Disgusting pieces of video have shown up all across the web, depicting young gay people in Russia getting lured into dates which are really traps. They get beaten, raped and videotaped. Hostility towards gay people has not been helped by the deeply conservative attitudes among the two biggest faith groups, Russian Orthodox Christians and Muslims. No major celebrities or politicians in Russia are openly gay because to “come out” would be tantamount to professional suicide. Of course I’m not claiming that every body in Russia hates gay people, but the good old propaganda machine is spinning like crazy!

All of this just rubbed me the wrong way. Normally i would do a facebook post, ‘like’ the right cause and it would stay at that. This time I was thinking if there was something I could do that would make a more positive impact on the situation. So I contacted my friends in the house and techno scene and asked them if they would be willing to contribute to a compilation. The profit will go to the organisation that has a big job ahead of it, and we will also be trying to just get more awareness about the subject, from a music lover’s standpoint.

You know, house and techno started off in the gay disco scene in Chicago and most of the music that I love started and originated there. So why not use the power of the music to counter to violent opinions and reactions to gay people?

So…. This is a benefit compilation by 24 left-field techno and electronic music producers. The music we make, play and love stems from the gay disco and dance clubs from Chicago. It’s power and drive come from the positive vibes and the feeling of love that ooze through in the relentless drum machines and synths. We decided that it was time to speak up. To stand by what we think is right. Freedom to think and act for everyone, across the globe.

Music is entertainment, but if we can harness it’s awesome power to do some good, it’s a double-edged sword. All proceeds from this compilation will be donated to to hopefully make their struggle a little easier. We understand we can’t change the world with a couple of tunes, but we’d like to take this opportunity to show our support and raise some awareness about this gross injustice happening in Russia right now. So go to the link below AND START SPENDING YOUR CASHHHH!!!

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