It seems that in the Dance world, every few months a new dude is blowing up in the underground and over the past few months it’s been this dude.

Ever since we released his & Two Sev’s Zoukology EP only a few months back, which focused on the this new thing based on an old thing, Zouk Bass, from out of nowhere he has just been blowing minds.

He is hungry for success too, very hungry and his hunger reminds of  another Generation Bass star, Heartbreak, who is, incidentally with him in the photo above. Of course sometimes that hunger drives bloggers like me a bit nutz but you have to admire it cause he wants it and no-one is gonna stop him from getting it.  Sometimes that’s how it is in this shitty world but, just like Heartbreak, he can more than live up to it, unlike many others I could mention.

He is trying to be innovative and different too like another Generation Basser’, Munchi, instead of formulaic or a 1 trick pony. He is trying to create new sound combo’s like Twerkaxinha or ZoukTwerk and again I admire and respect that. He has also been open to collaborating with dudes from all over the world and that shows an open-mindedness on his part and that must always be credited and encouraged.

I could say a lot about him but his music says it best, just listen and be blown away cause sooner or later you won’t be able to ignore him.

His name is JSTJR (Pronounced Gesture), ok!!!

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