Not much is known about this American producer and we love that.  We know that he makes breath-taking music of emotional depth and intellectual immensity as his Knick Knacks & Nebulas EP release on our label has showcased.

Imperfect but beautiful because it could not be beautiful if it was pefect.

We’re very excited about his future.

Here’s what he has said in an interview with Outtaellectuals:

Hey Outtallectual Collective thanks for the kind words. I currently live in San Francisco and pursuing a career as a film composer, sound designer and foley artist. I am also graduating this semester with a degree in Environmental Sustainability and Social Justice. I started teaching myself guitar and piano around the age of 14 and started producing a couple years later. I grew up with both western and eastern roots. The earliest memories of my father playing bluegrass on his banjo, to dancing to Iranian music at gatherings on my mothers side. I have a deep affinity for world music, especially those that can blend cultures together. The key element for me as an artist is to create both a visceral and cerebral connection between you and I, experienced through the music. My goal is for the listener to gain a visual and emotional relationship with the piece that they can cherish.







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