As far as Edits are concerned atm and for a long time Neki has been killing it.

Here’s some Zouk Bass hybrids (which some might not consider to be ZB but Neki don’t give a F**k lol), Cumbia and Moombahton:


Zouk or not to Zouk, who really gives a shit when it sounds this good!


Ok he murders this track too with a CumbiaStep make-over, not my preferred kind of Cumbia but it’ll certainly slay the dancefloor

Zouk Bass

Not content with tackling Dillon Francis, he turns his attention to Munchi and rugby tackles him too:

Drum N’ Zouk

Zouk Bass or DnB? what does it matter, it’s Neki, all is forgiven.


Some of the best Moombahton can always be heard coming from this dude. Bangers all of the time!!

Transnational Moombahton

That awesome mixtape again, catch it now, if you missed it before.

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