It’s sometimes difficult for me to cross the bridge that separates one genre from another. No psychotherapy, no introspection, it’s like that. Sangue Bom, however made it really easy ; undertaking that trip to get to the roots of bass, setting aside for a moment the wobbles, the synth layers, was a real pleasure. I understood better the colours of the vocals, the heat of the music, the spirit and texture of dub.

Blackstarline is a beautiful album especially as it is honest and genuine. It’s a real trip, and independant project and personal investment a dedication to music that got through because the composer believed in it, and also believed that music is a gift and gifts should be beautiful. Matching that principle the packaging was thought as a case awesomely designed by Grems to shelter the vibes, the emotions of his music. Let’s make one thing clear i know Sangue Bom personally. He’s the first person who initiated me to Capoeira Angola. But despite that friendship i would not have made that effort to blog something i don’t like, music is music, and it should be preserved, i have my very own standards and his music met mine.

Abass Abass Born in Senegal, real name El Hadj Abass Sow, was initiated to music from early childhood. That is how he delivered his first writings in the early nineties, inspired by the apparition of the Hip Hop movement in the Dakar streets. From 1995, he rapidly made his name with the creation of the Double A group. In 2001, he recorded his first solo album entitled Zibizizaba. Four years later, he delivered the album President de la rue Publik, followed by X Commandements in 2008 and Analyse, épisode 1 in 2010. In 2012, he releases his fifth album Analyse, épisode 2.

Sanguebom is a French musician, producer, multi-instrumentalist and a gifted DIYer. As skilled with a guitar as with a sampler, Sanguebom is of one those who love telling stories with music. His world is set somewhere halfway between the universe of an alchemist and the one of a mad-doctor, his steps clearly leading him in the wake of artists such as RJD2 and Chinese Man. His addiction for music started at the age of thirteen, when he began within several Fusion and Hardcore bands. He then got interested into Hip Hop and Reggae music before finding out Electronic music in 2001. In 2004, he co-founded Orbeat, a collective with French rapper Nino Brown and a first maxi Sanguibrown was released. In 2008 he launched a label, Donotcross-Records, on which he released Mise sur Orbeat in 2010. A year later, he co-produced Nino Brown first album 2 CV Verte sans retouche, while preparing his own one BlackStarLine.

Thought during a journey in Africa, where the author made the ride from Paris to Dakar driving a Renault 21, BlackStarLine is naturally inspired by the trip and encounters its composer made.

Made at home, in a garret under the parisian roof, the twelve tracks of this “loaded-with-good-vibrations” opus range from Soul to Dub along with Reggae and Hip Hop and even take a detour by Rock and Trip Hop music. By exceeding borders and genres, this is the human aspects of the trip, its fulness, that Sanguebom assimilated and endeavoured to transcribe in this record. To reach his goal, our man surrounded himself with outstanding guests he met during his many and various peregrinations. This is how we meet the American MC Jamalski, always up for riding rhythm sections with his punchy flow on Resistancia and Metroblaster, as well as the Senegalese rapper Abass Abass showing the extent of his technical know-how with the Baifale track, and even a recording of the late lamented Capoeira maestro Mestre Bigodinho (originally from Bahia, Brazil who passed away in April 2011). Nationals talents are not left behind, with West Indian activist rasta Jah Guidi signing here for his first official release on the Samuraï track (also available on the 10″ EP), and singer Rochelove Dhayvàa, from West India too, who places his flowing style on A Free K and Vodun. Another local discovery of this album is the Soul voice of Laëtitia Dana which excels on three occasions on the Meanness & Profits, Blu and Rolling tracks while French DJ Jimi2times puts down his clever scratches on Sanguebom musical creations. Let’s also point out the gathering of high-level musicians such as Dany’o on bass and Isaac on trombone, two former members of the Malka Family now in command of Madioko Mobile (in collaboration with Daniel Waro and Lardi Diba from the ONB band, Abdulaye and Modibo Diabaté).

Grems (also known as the rapper Supermicro) who did the visuals is a street artist and graphic designer. He is a member of the TT Crew collective and his work has been exhibited in Mexico, Bordeaux and at the National Cultural Center George Pompidou in Paris. Icing on the cake, BlackStarLine was mixed by the legendary Mad Professor and his disciple Joe Ariwa, at the no less mythical Ariwa Studio in London !

Jamalski Originally from NYC, he stands for an old hand at Ragga-Hip Hop, a style he largely contributed to spread and popularize.

laetitia dana 2

Laëtitia Dana who’s featured on one track is a French artist of the Ivory Cost and with Jew Tunisian origins. She skillfully mixes Soul, Jazz and Hip Hop influences. Her career started in 2008, when she notably performed the openings of Michael McDonald (member of Doobie Brothers, Grammy Award winner in 1980), Ryan Leslie or Féfé. Laëtitia Dana also won the Def Jams/Adidas Contest show in 2009. Her single Courant d’air came out in 2011.

At the age of seven Jah Guidi, a little West Indian “country boy”, lands in Sarcelles. He grew up during the eighties with the Zulu Nation and discovered his passion for the Hip Hop music before doing his first free-styles in the early nineties. As an activist rasta, soaked up with Malcolm X and Marcus Garvey ideas, Jah Guidi is the standard-bearer of a conscious generation, raised at the sounds systems school. Official prophet of the E.A.B.I.C. (Ethiopian African Black International Congress), he participated to numerous mixtapes before recording his first official single with Sanguebom.

Mysterious guest of this album, the West Indian artist Rochelove Dhayvàa likes to describe himself as such : born somewhere, here and there, in between the sky and earth, he is probably just the coincidence of the low-key meeting, child of the Sun and the Moon. Genuine disciple of the Mysteries of Nature, he will take his inspirations from the elliptical song of the stars and write La Symphonie Symbiotique Universelle. Orphean of his works, he gives himself up and offers his soul to what he calls “The Everything-World” (“Le Tout-Monde”) in the hope of finding the exact vibration and the twinkling of what one calls Love… Telling stories, exploring genres, exceeding truths, everything is a material. His Truth, he will never cease to tell: “Everything is one, indivisible, unspeakable, invincible, boundless… at the stake of our own will.”

After spending some long years on the bass, for different Punk and Fusion bands, the French Jimi2Times turns himself towards Hip Hop and most especially DJing in the nineties. Since 2005 he works with Sanguebom for the Orbeat collective and Donotcross-Records.

This article includes large parts of the PR written by Sergio Marigomez.

You can buy the album (digital and 180g Vinyl) HERE !

Recent collaborations include a superb work with  Nerejah on the EP Sativa&Ginger, including the track Bang Bang. Sativa & Ginger is a fact generally, a message, a philosophy of life… The EP should be released soon.

Another mutual album No mundão de rolé with Charel should be released this fall !

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