bruce lee

Released last week on Latino Resiste label Bruce Lee, the EP from German LiedersOfTheNewSchool feat. Lasai, will certainly kick your ass in a much more effective manner than the second film adaptation of Romita&Millar’s comics.

One original dembow track and 3 remixes from Chong X, Caballo&M|NE to fit your tastes. Get ready for some musical bruises, time to scratch you ears with some heavy sound !


 LiedersOfTheNewSchool feat Lasai – Bruce Lee


LiedersOfTheNewSchool feat Lasai – Bruce Lee – (Chong X RMX)


 LiedersOfTheNewSchool feat Lasai -Bruce Lee- (M|NE RMX)


LiedersOfTheNewSchool feat Lasai – Bruce Lee – (Caballo RMX)


The EP can be accessed and downloaded for free and it’s HERE !

Artwork made by STEREOTYP.

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