The tributes are long overdue but are finally and belatedly starting to pour in for this crew who blew our minds from the very first time we became aware of their music earlier this year.  Better late than never!

Their debut official release came out on our label with the anthemic Zouk Bass anthem “Tarraxo Na Parede”.

Just a few days ago 2 promienent figures of the Portuguese Bass scene paid their tributes alongside other Transnational Bass luminaries too.

Beat Laden who is an extraordinary producer behind Cartell70 and Batida amongst others said this:

“These guys deserve to be considered the most groundbreaking producers of 2013 in Portugal…and the hype created around Buraka considering Zouk Bass should be credited to them! Shout out to DZC!”

One of the modern Transnational Bass Godfather’s Diplo bigged them up on their remix for another Transnational Bass Godfather, Daniel Haaksman, which we helped to arrange.

Branko’s label, Echufada, finally paid their spoken dues too, echoing pretty much what I’ve been saying since the Boiler Room sessions:

“It’s impossible to deny the importance that the DJ and producer collective Dizona Crew – or DZC Deejays – have had in the evolution of the zouk bass scene. While the words that MC Kalaf shouted over the Buraka DJ set on Boiler Room may have made it official, it was that first beat that really captured the crowd’s attention and made the people stand up and take notice.

We’re talking about DZC member DJ Kuimba’s Tarraxo na parede, a minimalistic and bass-heavy production that referenced the rhythms of tarraxinha without fully fitting in that recognizable template, thus belonging in that weird current that didn’t really have a proper name until zouk bass finally stuck.”

So all is going good for these boyz and deservedly so.

Now they come upwith this epic, amazing and tantalizing 13 minute Zouk Bass to Kuduro track where they mix up old Kuduro tunes to an original DZC Zouk Bass beat!!!


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