Some of the best things about Moombahton these days is the Transnational vybz and here’s some cool cutz in that style:


This dude is gonna be be taking on one of the infamous and now world reknowned Transnational Moombahton Mixtapes in due course. For now check this killa edit that he has done of Sonidero Cordobestia:


Here’s a nice effort from this producer from the States who we spend countless hours teasing in the Zouk Bass group like she was our lil’ sis.

Good shit, I am really feeling this one!

Here’s what she says:

A remix I did for Subsuelo, an L.A. global bass crew. Soon to be released on the “El Viejo Boombap” remix EP. I gave it a Moombahton meets Brazilian vibe with some cowbells. Scratching by DJ Ethos.

The original track will be released soon on the “Ida Y Vuelta” LP. Check out the video here featuring Flamenco dancer La Tigresa:

Btw we posted this video a few weeks ago on a post about Subsuelo!

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