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What an album !!! Stefan Mörth aka Stereotyp released beginning of August a 12-track digital plate (with 3 extra tracks among them Abeba that you may consider as the matching pair of Addis which opens the album).
Stereotyp had already some great successes releasing tracks on Man Recordings or with his 2021 album on Crunchtime Recordings.

Rooted in the Rastafari movement, the album is however not a dub, reggae production in the classic way, i think it may be better defined as a stage play; you get the setting and the atmosphere, the air is thick of mystery and dust, music is more felt than listened to. As the tracks go by the voices and instruments reveal themselves playing their parts, subtle, calm, cleverly entangled in the bass buzz and beats. Another essential quality of this album is certainly the intention of the artist to use only a few dominant layers of sounds to leave as much space as possible to the music. Don’t expect deafening bass booms on each track, or even “drops” we’re onto something more clever here. However clubbers don’t worry you’ll definitely get your candies to shake your heads of the dancefloor, Dizz1’s great remix of Pressure to start with and Dancingmachine feat. Illskillz to keep going.

I personally got a crush on Beauty and the Beast, smartly contrasting the beautiful voice of Krystal Hardwick and the rough distortioned ethnic beats.

Featuring Illskillz, Paul St.Hilaire, Rachel Wallace, Dizzybell, Sara, Krystal Hardwick, Topoke, Dizz1.
Released on August the 16th on Crunchtime Recordings.

NB : you may think i’m a bit exagerating, i’d advise you to listen to the work on high pitched layers such as shakes and hi-hats. Stefan definitely spent some time working on his album.

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