Como Va Amigos!

First of all i must apologise for any poor spelling this week; my dyslexia has hit a new owl….

Some cool new releases this week but first I’d like to mention a couple of old tracks that are killing it for me at the moment. Taken from the excellent Analog Africa comp “Diablos Del Ritmo”, these african-influenced Colombian joints go hard!


Long-time big friend of Generation Bass and AZ Gunslinga DJ MELO has been BUSY!! the moombahnistas among you will be going for the excellent “Cremo e Gusto” EP but fans of this column will go NUTS for these two killers!

Produced by DJ Melo and Sabo for the latter’s SOL SELECTAS label,this comes from the mighty Professor Angel Sound and features vocal samples recorded in prison! an inside job indeed!

This one from Melo’s alter-ego DAMN ZUN…i guarantee your crowd will be asking “where’d you find this???”

There’s always hella dope Nu Cumbia coming outta Lima, Peru and this one from Chakruna Original won’t let you down…

From the Panamanian jungle we go to Belize and a true original – Biomigrant manages to combine lilting pop sensibilities with all things tropical,particularly cumbia

This from the polyglot FAMILIA VERYKA

I’d just like to shamelessly add my mashup at this juncture!

biomigrant – i know why the caged bird sings vs… by soulanddance

Finally from Argentina’s excellent LOS REYES DE LA MILANGA..

Big respect to all cumbianistas…hasta!

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