This time I bring you one of the best kept secrets of Angola . I say best kept secrets  because it seems that many people insist on trying to hide the force of nature which is Nástio Mosquito , especially in Portugal where the artist never perform.

” There are many good things from Angola that are not seen there[ in Portugal ] , because they are not considered useful , and it ends to have a consequence on the concept that people  have of what happens here [ in Angola ] . “

Nástio belongs to a generation of thinkers and nonconformist artists. For those who want to classify his art and put him the obvious brand .. that should not be a easy task . He knows perfectly the questions he wants to raise. The background in representation and performance helps  tearing humor and a very personal interpretation in his works. Don’t expect him to let you always in comfortable positions. Cozy but satirical. Accurate, also enhances the emotional load of the lyrics..the right person to think about  “when intelligence enters in the game”.

Poet, performance artist, multi -media creator, writer and full time provocateur, Nástio Mosquito uses various ways to show us his questions and visions. Questions that  he wants to be answered fewer and fewer times so new paradigms and new questions should be placed to Angola, country  that is growing  visibly fast.

S.E.F.A. Teaser

This album is divided in 2 parts. SE EU FOSSE ANGOLANO ( IF I WERE ANGOLAN)  and FAST FOOD (The Remixes) . The first was recorded between 2 different countries and  with different musicians. Uses all the genius of  the recording sessions of the artists he works with and where he score the perfect communion between his voice and different instruments. Pure chemistry that  goes from Jazz to Spoken Word , adds  Semba and Funk or more experimental textures reminding me of greatest artists which suddenly were boxed one day in Trip Hop.

FAST FOOD is all less fast , easy and standardized. Album of amazing remixes by the hands of Bill Hasselberger , Alexandre ” Biru ” Diaphra and Kennedy Ribeiro. Nástio assumes positions, breaks rules, takes risks, draws attention and appeals to the communication and reflection. Uses the full capacity of poetic interpretation and not avoids issues. Making sure to confront them surrounded by rythyms of  Angola with Jazz,  also some Breakbeat, Kizomba, Soul and lyrically very close to the social activism of Hip Hop.

More that never Angola  need to look in the eyes of past ghosts and buried them. Needs to grow with confidence and sure don’t need past ghosts to obsess his path. There are no taboos for Nástio. But sure are people that find a pain in the ass when questioned about being themselves and face their problems.


MAIS, the last video of  FAST FOOD

This album .. such as Nástio, is a challenge. Challenge to look eyes to eyes in the front of past questions. None of the childish egos of the governments will intoxicate the communication between Angola and the world while  we have Nástio to point it.. This is the time for Angola .. this is the time to be .

In SE EU FOSSE ANGOLANO  he  invites the Angolans to think about being Angolans but also invites us all to to think about being more ourselves and think more about the idea of one unique being. You can think better in what you are and what you want to bring to the community, to the world,  if you first think about in “what YOU are”.

And Angola deserves it .. deserves progress with confidence and confidence in questions like his own values like  ​​in the track TECNOLOGIA DO ANCIÃO , in which the simple but efficient ancient technology , knowledge transmitted from generations to generations become incomprehensible to new generations.


In a music market where you see the increasing of the absence of context , where lyrics more and more have no soul .. only samples and command voices with 4 or less words, is a comfort to see an artist that really want to talk to you and to communicate his visions. He  invites you to have a conversation so just STOP what you are doing and have a seat. Voice malleable, dramatic and with presence , interpretation that  holds and leads you from the beginning to the end. Is to sing, to speak, the whisper in the ear talking about  topics so  vertiginous as drugs,racism, religion, slavery, social neglect, politics, sexual exploitation. Pointing in all directions and it does not leave anyone out  when it comes to responsibility.

In DEMO DA CRACÍA video  you can clearly see that Nástio wants to break barriers and cliches. The video that is not a video, a making of that is not a making of. Starts with him showing is ideas for the director and ends up in epiphany mingles with drunken exorcism of the discovering of the Self.

Nastio also does regularly video performer with the name CURTO & GROSSO sketches. Short videos where he focus on everyday questions and talk about them with his characteristic and hilarious humor and unique interpretation. I also want to mention the amazing work that the director Vic Pereiró been developing with him.

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