This something I’ve been looking forward to for a long time: informing you about talented artists, whose music I think deserves to be rocking more dance floors in the bass scene. In fact the list I have in mind doesn’t have a clear end-yet, so I decided to make it a short series. And what would be a better place to start than in the country where I live.

When it comes to bass, Holland is doing well. Munchi, Morrison and Hoodie have become household names and Shaun-D is now rocketing too. But there’s more out there.

I hope the you of course already know these guys.. and if you don’t, you should! Let me show you why…


Best known perhaps for his collaboration with Morrison or for his moombahton rework of Bubble Butt, but he’s got more on offer, like his recent Zouk Bass EP. Check it out !


This man ‘s got an impressive list of massive tunes, varying from moombahton to bubbling to latinhouse and trap. And the list keeps growing !



Few people have been more productive in the bubbling scene than this OG from Amsterdam. He was already there when bubbling was still big business, kept doing it at full force when everybody had turned to house.. and is still going strong as the world is rediscovering it. And now he has also embraced moombahton !


Gabriel Rowano has also been in the music scene for a while now and draws inspiration from worlds as different as trance and reggaeton. About a month ago, he created a new genre, ‘lento’, a subgenre of moombahton at the BPM range of 80-95 BPM, drawing more heavily from zouk bass and reggaeton !


This was it for now.. enough big tunes to add to your collections and to your dj sets! But let’s finish this post with one of my personal favourite producers you should definitely keep an eye on:


This bro is a genius. I mean, his short snippets just come from another planet! Nuff said.. check out dat Purple Madness yo !

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