Branko (Buraka Som Sistema) did it again. For the next months lots of  Global Club Music addicts around the world gonna dissect his set in search of music that he showed in Boiler Room Lisboa this Friday. One of those tracks, Branko himself already gave the ID, was the final track, magic to end a brilliant set. I posted about it here a couple of months ago. The track is called So Cu Pe and is a  from Tota Lopi, a very well known artist in Cape Verde. The track gained major attention during 2011/12 when it become a hit in Netherlands, where a strong community of Cape Verdeans live, and Gijs Scheeringa (Dutch) give it a fantastic interpretation which the duo Milangeles transform  lately on a more rave style – Bmore Club song for Man Recordings and Branko used it to end his great set. Gijs Scheeringa, is now working on the project Johnny 500.

I was talking with some producers about the amazing potentiality of the genre Funáná in electronic music in the past months when suddenly the name of Gijs Scheeringa jump on the table.  I will advise you that this guy is making some of the most creative takes on it. Gijs Scheeringa is a producer from Netherlands and if you´re from Netherlands and never heard about him…i can only tell you that you´ve  been missing some of most crazy parties in that country. He is one of best shots in Global Bass for sure. From Moombahton to Trap, Funáná to Kuduro, always with a very unique work on it.

The track Hoje Vamos (ft. Massive MC) is pure fun. And you don’t need nothing more when you have Funáná leading the way hand in hand with Trap. The voice is from Massive MC that goes by the name of Jocelino de Sá, Dutch with roots in Angola. Hoje vamos (Today we go)…and we go in good hands.


Picture : Epic Panama

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