One of the tracks of this summer is undoubtedly Time Out from Branko, featured on his ridiculous good  mixtape/album  DRUMS SLUMS & HUMS which you can grab free here.

The mystique and incomparable voice is from Orlando Santos . One great contributor to what the richness of Portuguese music is nowadays.  King Kong , well known for turning in gold every production he touches applies once more  the alchemy of sound in this remix. If the original song was perfect this take will not left it for less. The song i chose for this end of summer…without any doubt.

Branko – Time Out (King Kong Remix)


The remix EP that came out for Time Out  along with remixes of  DJ Q, Voxels and Boyfriend  sould have featured this track too. What King Kong did here is amazing. This is what i call  a proper remix. Using the full potential of the main elements of the original track and transforming it in a all complete new song.  He took the voice of Orlando Santos and slowed it down, creating an atmosphere of pure delight, perfect for enjoying it at the end of the day or the beginning of the night. The beat is like the name KINK KONG, majestic but also subtle, involves you in the hypnotic voice of Orlando Santos. This work will go along with me for long time.



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