So, picking winners in this competition has been really tough.   Over 5 million remixes were submitted and we had to choose 4. Can you imagine how difficult it was to sift thru 5 million remixes in a few weeks.

Who’s “we”, we who chose?

Well, the “we” people were me, Filipe from Zouk Bass TV and of course Mr Gesture.

We couldn’t get it down to 4 as the quality was pretty good and so we opted to choose a Magnificent 7.  Even then, it was hard and a few more really could have made the grade but we had to stop ourselves from turning everybody into a winner.  We even had to turn on to some of our mates and face their wrath to exclude their entries from the winning ones, so it remained as fair as  possible.

These winners were chosen simply because their tracks moved us all in one way or another and we felt they brought something new, different and/or exciting to the track.

So without further ado these are the winning entries who will feature on a Remix EP, which will go on for sale over 200 Digital Platforms worldwide and you might even hear some of them in a movie or advertisment  at some point in the imminent future.

In no particular order, these are the MAGNIFICENT 7 :

(Will all the winners please contact me with a WAV file for mastering purposes)

Chong-X – Bass Madness

King Kong – Zouk Bass

Reptilian Commander – ZoukTwerk 

D-V3KZ & EL CUCU¥ – Booty Bass

Savage – Twerk Bass

KJS – Zouk Bass

Goodzies – Moombahton

Get to know JSTJR:


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